Veronica: Argentina's pole-dancing motorcycle fan

Updated: Jul 11

The stunning Veronica is a huge fan of motorcycles and often rides out with her husband, Diego. She likes cleaning the bike too, how cool is that!

“There's nothing better than cleaning the bike on a lovely sunny, Sunday morning” She told Babes With Bikes.

Her husband Diego speaks very highly of her. He tells us she's a fantastic wife, beautiful inside and out, and a hard worker. She also lets him keep his bike in the living room!

Pole Dancing and Fitness

Veronica often works out on the weights, but mainly keeps herself in shape with pole dancing. We can clearly see that the hard work is paying off!

One thing's for sure, she certainly seems to love that motorcycle! She's a keeper, Diego - and thanks for letting us feature her here on Babes With Bikes!

Veronica's Gallery

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