Peaches: naughty but very nice...

Updated: Jul 11

Peaches is a huge attraction wherever she goes, a beautifully turned out lady on a beautifully turned out bike.

Peaches is very much an outdoors girl. She loves to deer hunt and is an avid swimmer. In the summer she swims 50 laps most afternoons. Her biggest love though? Motorcycles and the motorcycle community.

“My first motorcycle was a Harley 883 Sportster. It was a cool looking bike but was too top-heavy for me.”

Peaches now owns two Indian Scouts that have been customised to fit her perfectly. She has ridden the tail of the Dragon and has even been on a motorcycle cruise where you take your bike aboard the ship and then ride wherever you dock. Sounds amazing!

"I can proudly say my bike was picked by the Captain of the ship to be placed in the foyer of the ship for display and a photoshoot", says Peaches. The Captain obviously has good taste in bikes, and ladies!

Bike rallies

Peaches also likes to frequent bike rallies, where she lets her hair down and really enjoys the atmosphere! She's off to Daytona bike week and we've asked her to get some photos of the goings-on to publish here on Babes With Bikes. Meanwhile, here's a final shot of Peaches with one of her favourite outfits...

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