Nikki: Biking Beauty from Buckinghamshire

Updated: Jul 11

Nikki's bikes and biking

Nikki is known as @missdaytona675 on Instagram so no prizes for guessing that she owns a Triumph Daytona 675! It doesn't end there though, she also has a slightly naughtier KTM SXF450, too. We asked how did Nikki get into motorcycling: "My dad has always had a motorcycle. I went on the back of him when I was younger. As I got older he never allowed me to have a motorbike or anything with an engine/electric motor, he thought I was a nutter..." she told

The love of motorcycles was simmering within Nikki while she worked abroad (A very interesting job, we'll cover that, later!). At the age of twenty four she returned to the UK and 'scratched the itch', taking her CBT, then her test.

Now Nikki can be found exploring Buckinghamshire and the surrounding area and she often ventures further afield, too.

Nikki's job and hobbies

"I used to work in F1 and Motorsport as a contractor but came back to the UK to take a permanent position in Mechanical Design" Nikki told us when we asked about her job. "It's not for me though, so I'm looking to go back to working in F1 again" she added.

In terms of hobbies with Nikki it's very simple - when she's not working or riding her bike you'll find her at the gym. That's not hard to believe when you look at her, clearly a lady in peak physical condition as they say. Thank you Nikki, we wish you all the best in your quest to return to F1. Ever thought of MotoGP? We'd rather keep you in the biking world... Now, her gallery!

Nikki's Gallery

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