Melody: Marvellous Melody rides on and off the road!

Updated: Jul 11

Don't try to tame her!

We've probably got a tiger by the tail here with the lovely Melody. Immediately she describes herself for us: "I will always be a little wild, and people know not to try to tame me!" Melody didn't fancy office based stuff when she went to college, she studied motorcycle mechanics and car mechanics instead. A girl who can ride and maintain bikes, perfect!

Melodys' Bikes

Melody rides a Suzuki RMZ450, an RMZ250 and a Kawasaki ZX6R. She rides on the dirt, on the road and on the track. There is no stopping Melody when it comes to bikes! "When it was time to gain my licence at 17 I had the idea of doing my bike test alternatively" She told us. "That thought lurked around and I chose to hit the road on 2 wheels instead. I've had my bike licence for six years now and I haven't looked back!".

"I ride supermoto, motocross, supersport and track. I still, to this day, haven't done my driving licence!". This is, total dedication to the cause, we have to say!

Outside of bikes

When she's not riding her bikes, delighting her thousands of Instagram fans (check her out on Instagram at @_iamdeathrow) or looking for her keys (see above photo!) she enjoys shooting, hunting and fishing. A real, full-on outdoors adventure girl! We love it!

Thanks for taking time to talk to us Melody, keep us updated on your exploits and we'll update the fans you'll get here! Send more photos too and we'll update your gallery.

Melody's Gallery

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