Libby: British beauty from London

Updated: Jul 11

You wouldn't believe that Libby is 50+. She's spoken for though, having been married to husband Marco for 24 years.

“We're both from London”, says Marco, "We're both very much into bikes and bike racing and have owned quite a few bikes of different styles over the years".

Veronica is pictured here on their old BMWR1100SS which they no longer own. "We threw so much money at it", says Marco, "It broke my heart selling her, but she wasn't being used at the time".

Kawasakis and Harleys

The Ninja that the lovely Libby is sunning herself on is an F1 which husband Marco repaired and sprayed green

Although still enjoying sports bikes at the motorcycle racing, Marco and Libby have recently purchased a Harley Iron, which they take round the Kent countryside, taking in the scenery and enjoying a steadier pace of riding. We'd love to see more photos of Libby on the Harley when you're ready Marco!

Libby's Gallery

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