Kiera: Bubbly beauty from Ireland

Updated: Jul 11

Kiera's bikes and biking

Kiera lives in County Carlow in Ireland, which is the second smallest and the third least populous of Ireland's Counties. She enjoys riding in the beautiful, undulating countryside on her Honda CBR250R. "It's a small bike but I still have to lower her a bit" she told "I'm 5ft tall on the dot so I'm in the tip-toe gang!". Short and sweet!

What got her into motorcycling? We got a very detailed answer: "I was just always a little tomboy growing up! I loved being outside, rolling around in the dirt, cycling, skateboarding, going on quads etc, whatever the boys were doing. I wasn’t your typical little princess! I always looked at bikes since I can remember but was afraid of them cause my dad would make riding sound scary! I think he just didn’t want me getting one and getting hurt. My boyfriend got me into it. He was actually my best friend since I was 6!" She told us.

"He was always mad about bikes and never stopped talking about them because his dad was a biker. When I was about 19 I finally decided to get up on the back of his bike and that was it for me! The excitement and freedom I felt was something else. I knew in that moment, I wanted my own damn bike! This feeling is something I never experienced before. He is still helping me learn but if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t of gotten one!"

Kiera's work and her hobbies

Kiera's a real character, infectious personality and beautiful with it. We're lucky to have her in the biking world! So, what does she do? "Well with COVID my work has stopped for a period of time. I work in a local pub! I absolutely love it and can’t wait for the pub to open back up so I can see all the customers. To pass the time I studied and graduated in Dog Training and I am currently studying dog grooming. I love dogs so much! I have 3 already and awaiting a fourth puppy very soon".

Kiera went on to talk about her love of dogs, and what else she gets up to: "I have a Bullmastiff and 2 Staffordshire Bull Terriers. I am getting another Staffordshire Bull Terrier, they are my world. I like working out and doing charity work. I just completed 10,000 steps a day for the whole month of March for The Oesophageal Cancer Fund in memory of my dear Grandad. I am currently in the middle of doing 3,000 squats this month for Dogs Trust Ireland. I just like to help out people and dogs when I can! I think it’s super important to give back". What a wonderful, caring person Kiera is! Now, her gallery.

Kiera's Gallery

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