Jodie: Suffolk Sportsbike Sweetheart

Updated: Jul 11

Here's Jodie!

Jodie's from the lovely County of Suffolk and works as a wedding and events planner, which probably explains why she was very thorough with her interview answers! She's a Mum to four children and is very much a family person, always on adventures with the children and her husband, who is also into motorcycles.

Each year, they do something crazy for charity, which has included skydiving, mountain climbing, 'tough mudder' and a London to Brighton fundraiser (we're not sure how, walking, cycling... we forgot to ask!).

Jodie's motorcycling

So, how did she get into bikes? "I have always loved bikes, especially sportsbikes" Jodie told us, enthusiastically. "I always dreamed of turning up on a black sportsbike! I had a scooter at sixteen and was the only girl at my school with one". She said. "Then came along cars, boys, marriage and kids! My hubby got me back into the love of bikes and I loved being his pillion. I've put my family first for a long time, so when I turned thirty I knew it was time to start doing something for me again, so I went and did my full licence!"

What happened next? "I had a Kawasaki ER6 first and now I have the black sportsbike I always dreamed of - my Suzuki GSXR. I love taking her on the track too and she's the only therapy I need!".

Thanks Jodie for taking the time to talk to . You're a very busy lady and we appreciate it. You can follow Jodie and her exploits (including funny videos!) on Instagram, here . And now, Jodie's Gallery!

Jodie's Gallery

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