Jessica Louise: Hottie with a Harley

Updated: Jul 11

Jessica Louise, her bike and biking

A beautiful lady with an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous motorcycle. A Standard Harley 883 with the 1275 Hammer Kit upgrade. Insane. It's tricky to know what to look at first, the lovely bike or the lovely lady!

Mansfield, which renowned for lovely beer and the historic centre of Sherwood Forest, is very lucky to have Jessica Louise on the scene. So, how did she get into motorcycles? asked...

"I passed my test in February 2020. I’ve always been interested in Harleys as my parents both ride and my Dad has had various Harleys over the years, which I pillioned on for the majority of my childhood.

I do Burlesque and we have more of a rocky vibe so a lot of the gigs we dance at are usually Rock & Bike oriented and with that comes a lot of Harleys" she told us.

Jessica Louise's job and hobbies

By day Jessica Louise is a Team Leader for a Jewellery concession company. Her spare time revolves around Bikes, Burlesque and the odd Beer. She also has a 1972 VW Beetle. We were beginning to think her home life revolved around the letter 'b' until we discovered she also has a Rottweiler. The Rottweiler is called Poppy, so perhaps with such a sweet name her bark is worse than her bite... (There's the letter 'b' cropping up again!).

Jessica Louise also models from time to time and teaches Burlesque as well as dancing in a trio called Triple Threat Burlesque. (Shouldn't that be Triple Treat? Just a thought...) You can catch them on Instagram, here. She's also a fan of American Muscle (Cars, we take it...) and Classic Cars! Now, The Gallery of Jessica Louise:

Jessica Louise's Gallery

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