Jemma: Suffolk Sweetheart with two bikes!

Updated: Jul 11

Bikes by night, bikes by day

Jemma is never far from a motorcycle, no matter what she's up to, as you can see from the above photo! This gorgeous girl lives and works in the UK county of Suffolk, where she's employed in a motorcycle dealership selling clothing and parts.

She's amongst bikes all day, so what takes her fancy in terms of owning them? "I currently have a BMW S1000RR for the road and a Yamaha R6 for the track". Jemma tells us. "I've been riding bikes since I was six but passed my bike test when I was nineteen, so six years ago".

So, we asked what turned Jemma into a Babe with a Bike? "My Dad!" She told us, no doubts there! "I spent all my time tinkering with the bikes and going pillion with my Dad when growing up. One day he came home with a brand new Yamaha R1 2001 model. I saw it and knew I'd have one, one day. That's how it started...". She tells us the interest grew and the love of bikes got bigger!

More about Jemma

We have massive respect for Jemma. She has liver disease and Chrohns and has a permanent stoma bag, hence her Instagram Monicker @bikerwithabag (give her a follow). This does NOT prevent her from living life to the full! She also finds time to travel (on bikes, of course!), go walking and restoring a MK1 Ford Capri with her Dad!

Jemma, it's been a lot of fun talking to you, keep us updated please with what you're up to, and of course more photos so we can update your gallery, below!

A little extra, from Jemma

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