Janine: South Shields Sweetheart

Updated: Jul 11

Janine and her bikes

First things first as we're all about Babes With Bikes - what a pretty biker babe she happens to be, with the most amazing eyes! They say eyes are the gateway to the soul and Janine (AKA Janspeed on Instagram) seems to us to be a lovely person. Enough of the soppy stuff! We asked her what bikes she's got: "I ride a Yamaha MT07 and a GasGas 300 trials bike!" She told us. She's our first every trials rider!

So, what got Mum-of-two Janine, from UK North East coastal town South Shields into bikes?

"My Nanna had a Honda 90 back in a time where it was frowned upon for a lady to ride, then at 47 my mother passed her big bike test... I was 15" She told babeswithbikes.com "I remember feeling so proud of her so always loved the idea. However, the catalyst was getting chucked on a drz400 'crosser' in a farmers field - I loved it!!! I Knew then i would definitely have a bike myself!" She added.

And there's more: "I feel like i need to shout out to my fella Clem, because although the cool women in my life inspired the want in me to ride, it is really him that has brought riding into my life on the massive scale that it is now, he's my mechanic, my cheerleader and soul mate..."

Janine's job and hobbies

Janine works in a cost management company as an account manager. Her office hours are Eight to Five, but she gets Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off! So, apart from bikes, what else floats her boat, as they say: "I love music! particularly live music at bike rallies and festivals, and the odd drunken Karaoke or two...". She told us. "I'm also a Mum of two - Charles (6) and Lana (5)" Janine added.

We also found out (photo proof in her gallery!) that she recently did a charity skydive for East Durham Veterans to support our troops and the total raised stands currently at £3,300! It's been awesome getting to know Janine, we're grateful for her time. Yet another lovely lady who loves her bikes! See Janine's gallery, below.

Janine's Gallery

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