Halley: Belly dancing beauty from Cheshire

Updated: Jul 11

Halley's bikes and biking

Halley rides a Kawasaki Ninja 400 (we thought she'd opt for a Halley Davidson! Ouch, bad joke!). We asked Halley how she got into biking: "I've always been into rock/metal so a lot of my friends as teens went on to get bikes and I just loved it! The freedom, the excitement, the whole scene".

Then, Halley was involved in an accident as a pillion and at 25 was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in every joint. "It took me years to get my life back on track" Halley said, "Finally, in 2019 I passed my DAS and here I am!".

"I am waiting for total wrist replacement surgery as my right wrist is seized due to damage caused by my RA which was postponed due to COVID. I'm not looking forward to not being able to ride for a while but can't wait to be able to bend my wrist, it's my throttle hand!" She added.

"This is largely the reason I went for the 400, it's super lightweight and absolutely perfect for my size and frame! But, I'm looking forward to getting a Kawasaki ZX6R in the future".

Halley's job and hobbies

Halley was a receptionist by day and a bellydancer by night. She's waiting for things to get back to normal so she can get back to work. I'm sure we all know how she feels!

In her spare time she loves gardening, but has to trade that off on sunny days with motorcycling! She's got a Macaw, two Norwegian forest cats (Aren't they massive cats? We should have asked!), and a Boa snake! Halley and her partner Rob (Also a biker) lost their Rottweiler last summer.

Like our thousands of female (and male!) followers Halley loves to see more women on bikes, breaking the stereotype that 'they're only stood next to it'. We love empowering lady bikers by celebrating them and their bikes!

Thank you Halley, good luck with the surgery and keep us updated and send us more photos for your gallery, below! Some great photos of Halley on her bike from Neil McLaughlin Photography.

Halley's gallery

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