Gloria Blaze: Bubbly, Biking, Burlesque Beauty!

Updated: Jul 11

Gloria Blaze and her biking life

We're all about celebrating ladies who ride and allowing them to celebrate this too, and celebrating themselves in any way they wish too, as well. It's all about choice as far as we're concerned. If ladies who ride enjoy having their confidence boosted by expressing their femininity then we're cool with that.

Gloria Blaze is a stage name in the world of Burlesque. We believe her real name is Sarah. Whatever you call her, she's lovely. What got her into bikes? "My Mum, I guess. I loved bikes from a young age, went to rallies with my Mum and her friends when I was a kid" Gloria told us. "I watch MotoGP every year and go and watch it live. My Stepdad used to work at a motorcycle dealership and he always brought different bikes home and took me out on them. I just love the noise, the smell, how they look and how they make you feel!" She added.

We asked her what she rides now: "I did my CBT in July so I'm still learning but I've explored a lot already with my lovely Yamaha YBR125. I've wanted a bike since I was sixteen but my parents made me get a car first, then education. I haven't been able to afford one until now".

Gloria's job and hobbies

Gloria graduated from University in 2019 as a Costumier and now she's a latex fashion seamstress, working in film and theatre. "I'm currently designing some kevlar bike jeans" Gloria said. "I want some red leopard print ones!" She added. We can't wait to see these jeans!

Outside of COVID Gloria, from Huddersfield, UK is always at gigs and festivals. She does Archery and pole dancing (not at the same time, we assume!). She also enjoys dancing, including the Burlesque, swimming, drinking whisky and 'modelling of an adult nature', which she finds extremely empowering and confidence building. You can find her, here She's on Instagram, too, here

It's been amazing talking to Gloria, let's finish off with her gallery...

Gloria's Gallery

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