Felicia: She's Fast n' Furious from the Netherlands

Updated: Jul 11

Fast Bikes, nice cars

Felicia, from the Netherlands, is a fan of fast motorcycles and beautiful cars. She currently owns two bikes, a KTM Superduke and a Suzuki Hayabusa (She doesn't like 'em slow!). She found her way to two wheels by riding a lot of quads!

Safety Expert

We did wonder what Felicia does for a living, so we asked her: "I am a safety expert and my work is all about safety in public places, you wouldn't think that, because of the bikes I ride!" Depends how you ride them, Felicia ;) We assume, because of your work, that you're a very careful rider!

You can find Felicia on Instagram under the monicker of 'mrs.motorista' where she has over 10,000 followers. She's a lady of mystery on there, all her photos are taken with a helmet on. This of course begs the question - Why does she feel the need to hide her face? Is Felicia not pleasing to the eye?

Babes With Bikes asked to see Felicia without a helmet and discovered that she's as lovely as her bikes...

Thank you Felicia, for talking to us at Babes With Bikes. Ride Safe and keep us updated with your exploits and more photos, to add to your gallery, below.

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