Claire: South-West sweetie who LOVES her bikes...

Updated: Jul 11

Claire, living life to the full, as usual!

Head South in the UK and when you get down to the bottom, head West until you reach the very edge. That's where you'll find the lovely Claire doing her thing.

What is it with bikes for Claire?

“Motorcycling is a magic tonic for women. The experience of riding a bike makes me as a female feel untouchable levels of being my own boss and happiness” We certainly get that as men too! Freedom, happiness and contentment. Let's take a look at Claire's bikes!

Claire's bikes

Claire is the proud owner of three bikes - A Honda NC30 (VFR400), a V50 Monza and a delightful Moto Morini 3 1//2. Not content with a bimble around the country roads Claire enjoys the odd drag race in her retro red leathers!

Outside of biking

Claire has a BSc in Forensic science and is a mum-of-one to a handsome lad who share his mum's passion for bikes. Claire is also mum to a retired greyhound, makes her own clothes and has a love of everything 'old skool'. She's always got some sort of project on the go and we'll sure to be updating this here to bring you more news and photos for Claire!

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