Bonnie: Dynamite from Durham

Updated: Jul 11

Bonnie's bikes and biking

Bonnie lives in the North East of the UK in City of Durham and owns two motorcycles, a Kawasaki Z750 and a GasGas 250. How did Bonnie become interested in motorcycles? "Didn't have a choice" Bonnie laughed - "i was born a biker! my Dad was riding a Triumph Bonneville when i was born (That's where my name comes from!). I asked for driving lessons for my 17th - 'no daughter of mine will have a car licence before a bike licence' Dad told me, so i got my bike license.. was a good few years before i learned to drive".

Bonnie enjoys bikes either on or off road, and shares that passion with a few friends including Janine, who is also on, take a look and notice the crazy coloured hair, too! "I had long black hair from birth until about three years ago" Bonnie said. "Then decided it was time for a change and walked out the hairdressers looking very different!"

Bonnie's job and hobbies

"I am a case worker for a charity called East Durham Veterans trust" Bonnie told us. "We support Veterans with practical support, mental health issues and counselling. I am also doing a degree in counselling! I recently did a Skydive with Janine in aid of the charity".

Apart from jumping on bikes and out of aeroplanes we asked Bonnie what else she gets up to, in her spare time: "I have two young children" She said, "We spend most of our time in the woods, we love it there!"

It's been lovely getting to know Bonnie, she's extremely attractive and bubbly, although she actually describes herself as shy! So, let's take a look at Bonnie's gallery:

Bonnie's Gallery

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