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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The right to celebrate yourself! is not about gratuitous nudity. It really isn't. It's about acknowledging female motorcyclists around the world and giving them a platform from which to celebrate themselves and their motorcycling in any way they choose. Choice. It's their choice and that's the key. Today, we strive for an equal world but often, choice is removed... And now - Bella.

Don't expect Bella to take her helmet off, because she won't. We respect her anonymity as much as we respect her right to express herself!

Bella's story

Yorkshire lass Bella was bullied for years as a young girl, for being (allegedly) 'fat' and 'ugly'. She was told that nobody would find her attractive. Years later, Bella has come to terms with this and as you can see, blossomed.

She's been through a lot and now enjoys motorcycling and combines her love of bikes with the modelling. "It's a huge confidence booster for me and a 'middle finger' to the bullies" Bella says. The bullies are out there, and don't know who this is obviously. But Bella knows, and that's all she needs. It's Bella's choice and we won't stand in her way!

Bella's bikes, job and hobbies

So, how did she get into motorcycling? "I wanted to go travelling and bikes seemed like the best way to go, so I got a 125, then fell in love with biking!". Bella told us. She added: "I can't tell you what bikes I own, but I have three!" We wonder if they're the ones in the photos. Who knows!

Bella can't tell us her job either for fear of compromising her anonymity. Apart from motorcycling Bella enjoys photography (both ends of the camera) and spending time with the animals in her life.

Thanks Bella for talking to and we're really pleased that you find happiness and an increase in confidence doing what you do, and enjoying your bikes!

Bella's gallery

A couple of short videos from Bella

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