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Updated: Jul 11

Alex's Harley

Alex is known as @boozeandwheels on Instagram and her 13,000 followers know that stems from a deep-routed love of whiskey, both as a drink and a profession. More of that, later! Alex can currently be found enjoying the Austrian countryside on her Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883. She naturally fits the biking lifestyle but we wondered, how did she get into biking?

"I've always fancied it!" Alex told "My brother said he'd loan me the money to take my test, so he did, then for my thirtieth birthday, my loan became a gift!". That's a lovely story. After that, there was only one bike for Alex, the beautiful Sportster!

Alex's job and hobbies

"A while ago I was bartending and loving it" Alex said, "Then I became brand ambassador for Bulleit Whiskey in Austria and Germany, winning quite a few awards. I've ended that job after five very intense years" She added. "Now i'm enjoying a personal time-out / sabbatical and setting up some of my own projects".

Alex normally loves the countryside, fresh air and travelling, which isn't really possible at the moment due to COVID. She's still very much got one eye on the spirits industry and anything to do with cocktails and of course whiskey. She's enjoying life more than ever right now, and looking forward to spending more quality time with friends and family.

Thanks for your time, Alex, we wish you luck in your ventures - don't forget to keep us posted!

Alex's Gallery

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