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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Aly, her bikes and biking

We enjoyed talking to Aly, absolutely lovely with a great sense of humour, and a really cool yet practical taste in bikes! Aly is British but was born in the Philippines. She started riding at 14 on a Honda 'Trendy' which, according to Aly, has less power than her hair dryer!

Aly moved to London in 2004 and re-started riding in the UK in 2008. She's now based near Basingstoke and commutes into London daily. She's got a Piaggio MP3 trike for the commute and a Yamaha XSR900 for leisure and Summer commuting.

We asked her to talk us through the trike purchase - "I moved out of London to move in with my partner. We rented a place halfway between our workplaces — me London, him Brighton. My commute went from 10 miles a day to 84 miles a day. Very tiring, unsafe and cold in winter. I couldn’t find one to test ride but I was convinced the MP3 was the right solution for me so the following February, I bought one off AutoTrader" She told Was it the right decision?

"It turned out to be insanely convenient; lap blanket, big screen and 100L of storage — my laptop, gym kit, spare helmet, comfortable passenger, and even all our shopping would go in. And still only £1 to park off Regent St or Oxford Circus! Bargain!" Aly puts 1200 miles a month on it, COVID restrictions permitting.

So, where does the XSR fit in? "Took the XSR across 7 European countries in 2019 which i feel has changed my life. Looking forward to doing one country at a time next; quality over quantity next time..." Aly told us.

Aly's job and hobbies

Aly works for a 'payments technology giant' as an Executive Administrator, fancy language for a PA and Business Assistant, according to Aly.

As for hobbies, she's a busy lady! "Spare time is usually spent working out. I have a weightlifting setup at home, even bench and squat/press rack. Love my yoga. I’m an avid crafts person: before we moved I was making face masks on my sewing machine and donating them. I make toiletries like soap, scrubs, bath bombs, balms - just as gifts.

We have two cats, Ophelia and Oberon, who have their own Instagram! I’m also an avid archer. We haven’t found a new club to shoot at yet though!"

It was awesome talking to Aly. A very lovely, fun, bubbly biker chick. Just how we like 'em! Now - Aly's Gallery...

Aly's Gallery

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