Jena: Colorado cutie, now a Texan...

Updated: Jul 11

The lovely Jena

We've had a lot of fun talking to Jena, who comes from Littleton, Colorado but now lives in Bridge City, Texas. Looks can deceive and again, never judge a book by its cover. Jena is beautiful, we can't deny, and she describes herself as 'loud and outgoing'. You combine this description with her looks and you're probably thinking she's a real wild child...

In fact she's a stay-at-home Mom to three lovely children, one of which is a special needs boy. She's also got an Emergency Medical Technician degree. Underneath the inked, fun loving, outgoing exterior is a loving, caring, intelligent family lady.

Motorcycles and ink

"I grew up around motorcycles" Jena told Babes With Bikes. "I don't currently ride, I leave that to my husband who belongs to a motorcycle club, so I'm around motorcycles all the time still!".

Jena aspires to be an inked model and has kindly supplied photos from her latest shoot. We certainly think she's got what it takes to make it in the inked modelling world, don't you? Jena classes modelling as one of her hobbies, and also enjoys drawing and watching her kids grow up in to respectable human beings. How sweet!

Thank you Jena for taking the time to talk to Babes With Bikes. Now let's take a look at your gallery! Don't forget to help us keep your gallery updated, and of course your progress with the modelling!

Jena's Gallery

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