Iris: FZ6 rider from Holland!

Updated: Jul 11

Iris, her bike and biking

Iris is a huge amount of fun and has endless amounts of energy. She cannot get enough of her motorcycle or motorcycling around the beautiful roads of Holland. She rides a 2008 Yamaha FZ6, but what got her into motorcycling?

"I saw one when I was three years old, apparently, and never stopped talking about them. I'm a bit rebellious too so motorcycles match my attitude!" Iris told . We certainly got the 'rebellious' vibe from Iris when talking to her!

Iris's job and hobbies

Iris works full time as a Primary School Teacher and teaches 11/12 years olds, just before they head off to secondary school. "I go to work on my bike every day" she told us, "And I have to get changed in the toilet because I wear a skirt in the classroom rather than motorcycle leathers!" she added.

How cool is it to have a biker babe for a teacher that arrives every day for school on a motorcycle. We imagine she's as popular with some of the parents as she clearly is with the children. As you can see from the photo below, she looks the part!

Outside of school and motorcycles Iris enjoys rope skipping to keep fit, playing the piano to relax, baking and enjoying tea with friends. She told us she's so busy that she doesn't have time for pets which was a shame as we envisaged her having some crazy companion like a snake, or giant lizard! It was wonderful chatting to Iris, now here's her gallery:

Iris's Gallery

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