V: Known just as 'V', already has us intrigued...

Updated: Jul 11

The lady known simply as 'V'...

The lady goes by the name 'V', which adds mystery to this already dark and mysterious beauty. Behind this awesome persona lies a lady who lives in California and runs the collections department at a wholesale nursery. In her spare time she's a Mom, too.

So, never judge a book by the cover as they say! Mind you, it's very easy with V to quickly forget the normal, everyday things she does with just one look from those steely eyes. They do rather feel like they're staring straight into your sole...

V's Bikes

V has assembled a collection of bikes that has us all rather jealous. Scrap that. We're very jealous... She has three bikes which she can choose from, depending on how she's feeling! Two Indian Scout Bobbers, one black, one white and a Harley Iron 1200. "I've always wanted a Ducati Panigale!" says V. We think bike number four is on the cards...

Just look at the smile, same smile we all get riding we guess, but is V smiling because she's enjoying the ride, or because she knows she's got three bikes to choose from? Both, we think!

Thank you V, for talking to us at Babes With Bikes and please keep us updated with your new photos and your new exploits, especially if you get a new bike!

V's Gallery

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