About Us

Political correctness has stifled the glamour of the motorcycle market

Since the beginning of motorcycling it's always been a sexy way of life -  leather, fast machines, mystery surrounding the identity of the riders, the sense of freedom and rebellion motorcycling brings.


Since the beginning of time we've enjoyed the female form and many ladies have enjoyed the boost to self-esteem that being admired brings.



Today as more and more ladies enjoy motorcycling and the positive attention they receive the social media platforms fill up with self-posted beautiful images. ON the other hand, mainstream media shys away from celebrating motorcycles and the female form!


To us this doesn't make sense. There is demand, yet limited supply. That's where we come in! We not only share beautiful images of real-world ladies interested in motorcycling, we share with you what makes these ladies tick and give them a platform from which to be admired. 

Who we are

We've operated in the motorcycle media for 20 years, working on and with some of the biggest brands in the market. We're riders, photographers, editors and creators and we hope you'll enjoy Babes With Bikes!